It looks like some of you guys out there have a reason to weep tonight. EverQuest Next has been canned. Russ Shanks put out a letter to the players on the Daybreak website in regards to the cancellation of EverQuest Next. Why was it cancelled?

“Unfortunately, as we put together the pieces, we found that it wasn’t fun.”

To many that have been watching the development of the third installment to the EverQuest franchise have seen a similar development path as Duke Nukem Forever. From engine reworks and a long development time, it seemed that EQN was destined to fail.

Perhaps the excitement generated by players making assets for EQN in Landmark helped drive the development process recently but ultimately the game has to be fun. Aside from boasting a voxel world and player made assets, there wasn’t anything that we’ve seen that makes EQ Next stand out from all the other currently released MMO’s or those coming in the future.

On the positive side of things, perhaps the development team members that were diverted from Landmark to EQN will have returned and some significant progress can be made on that front (especially since Landmark is set to come launch this spring).

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