Looks like the update notes for Landmark’s new patch are out. We can’t get into game to true test them so I’ll leave this preliminary feedback here and you guys can tell me what you think.

Terminology Changes

I’m okay with this. Sure, it’ll be strange at first especially when veteran builders start mingling with new players but eventually it’ll get ironed out and the terms will be commonplace with only the strongest of diehards using the old terms. Some of the changes I think are just generally better like calling templates Designs and claims now Build Sites. The image conveyed by that is of construction and and creation, a place for you to build.

New Player Experience and Character Customization

The changes made here are less changes as they are further trying to streamline the process for people that haven’t played before. While it may seem petty and unimportant to us veterans, it is extremely critical to the long term success of Landmark. As I’ve said before, the players in game right now won’t keep Landmark alive so Daybreak has no choice but to focus on a way to get more players into the game.


I do wish there was more in terms of character creation, costuming and customization but I can see why they cut it out due to there internal time constraints. Historically speaking costumes/outfits have been a money maker and now it seems a bunch of games are selling costumes as full sets whether they are singular (Blade & Soul) or as a set of pieces (Rift) so it’s not too strange to limit armor sets. That said, I don’t see having one set piece being good for crafting.

World Changes and Adventuring

I’m not too excited for these changes or should I say lack of changes. The same landscapes we have now will be what we get once we’re past the Pioneer Landscapes. This doesn’t address the issue of having landscapes that are lacking mild terrain. Mostly there have been large inclines that are not suitable for a lot of styles of building. The significant inclines are what needed to be toned down and it just isn’t happening. Hopefully we will see better terrain generation after the game launches.

I like the the addition of Chaos Caverns. I hope there is enough variation, unlike the current ruin caves in the system. With the amount of time that will be spent hunting for resources and recipes there has to be more than a handful. A possibility I’ve been thinking about is using the competition winners in the Chaos Caverns since they are no longer going to be in EverQuest Next.

img_20150724-01-01-05Looting recipes and such from mobs in caves has a lot of promise. A side effect of everyone not having the same available items from the start is that there will be an interesting mix of builds because everyone CAN’T do the exact same thing.

Resources and Harvesting

Something I’ve been saying, crafting is getting too simple. This isn’t new, it’s been happening for quite some time. I can understand the idea of streamlining for builders but as has been mentioned repeatedly, the small group of dedicated builders will not keep Landmark alive. A boring and lackluster crafting system will not keep the more casual players involved with the game which as we’ve seen is the majority of players.

Build and Play Modes

I’ve long been against separating build and play modes but having gotten to experience this, I think it’s a good choice and possible the only choice they could have made especially with NPC’s being on your claim.


The changes to the building interface are all awesome. I can’t wait to see how well the tint system works. Hopefully they will add the ability to rebind the tools (which now don’t take space in inventory) soon.

NPC additions to claims is a nice step forward but what they’ve put in the notes is not all that deep. I want to see how far they can bring this system with better integration to the linking and triggering system. Something that seems like a  basic idea, spawn emitters, aren’t in. So no horde mode, or at least if there is a way it will probably be extremely limited and cap out at 100 mobs for now.

Something Is Missing

One of the biggest things that’s missing in my opinion is improvements to linking and triggering. There are so many improvements that can be made that I’m not even going to list them. In the current state, linking and triggering is far more complex than it has to be.

Overall I’m excited for this update but clearly there are some things that are lacking. I hope they don’t take to heart the vocal minority and keep harvesting/crafting things overly simple and improve linking and triggering as soon as possible.


  1. RACES: I would Like to see more Races instead of Just humans (Elves and such ) but if they don’t want to use EverQuest Next Races they can add a Human selection like different ears allowing you to have pointy ears or any other kind of ears and Either Dark Elf Colors or Green for Aliens and Like Cyber in plants or Freckles for on the face or Pretty much think Star Trek series and how they had so many humanoid Races in the Series but all look different.


    • I think having more player customization is a must. How they do it is up to them but I hope down the road more will be brought it. I’d be happy with your idea of human customization.


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