• img_0034Developer: NoStopSign Inc.
  • Publisher: NoStopSign Inc.
  • Platform: iPhone

Rainmaker is a Unity based phone app that has you make trades and investments into stocks in an effort to gain as much money as you can. Quite a simple premise however it’s less about actual stock picks and more about your reflexes and predictive ability.

Instead of picking stocks, you are presented with an unnamed stocks performance graph and you have to choose when to buy and when to sell. The game aspect comes from having to make those choices while the graph scrolls by Guitar Hero style. To add extra difficulty to your choices, they have a pretty good mix of stocks so it’s not like you’ll always get gains.

Like most apps there are achievements and goals to keep you on track and having something to aim for other than the account balance. As you meet these goals and achievements rewards are unlocked in the form of extra cash, play tickets or credit cards.

Sadly there are artificial limits to how much you can play via the ticket system. You can hold up to a maximum of 5 tickets to use to play a stock. Once you run out of tickets you have to wait for them to recharge or purchase extras using cash shop currency.

Aside from getting more chances to play each day, the cash shop items don’t seem too enticing. You can also get additional Credit Cards to increase your chances for a big time return but I haven’t even tried using the ones I’ve gotten freely. Perhaps that is why there are also ads you can watch to earn additional plays and such because I just can’t see anyone really being drawn to a purchase unless they are one of those ‘gotta be first’ types.

Quick and dirty verdict

“Nice when waiting around but not much more.”

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