As a followup to our last H1Z1 video, The AutoDrome, we’re back with a different style video. A lighthearted informational video about what a zombie apocalypse is really like.

There’s always that person, yeah you know, that one going on about how they can’t wait for the zombie apocalypse. They keep on about how they will be some super zombie slayer and everyone will bow to them and ask for help. All the annoying and broken everyday stuff will be better. And that person they like, yeah they get them too.

Well, I’ve got news for them. That’s probably not going to happen. We already know there’s a bunch of things that a zombie apocalypse won’t fix. Here’s a few of them.

Don’t worry, we’ve already begun building a new, bigger AutoDrome and will be making a video pretty soon. Follow us on twitter to be alerted: @eleven06, @vanilian, @TechieMinx

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