We’re back with a follow up to original AutoDrome in H1Z1 video. This time we decided to go bigger and to create one of the most recognizable tracks in the world: Monaco. The AutoDrome Z1: Monaco track is about 40% larger than the original AutoDrome consisting of 142 deck foundations, 88 deck expansions, so many walls we lost count and a bunch of other bits an pieces. It’s built to test your ability to speed through turns as fast as you possibly can and included a pit area for players to repair and refuel their vehicle.

As you can see on the title picture we also made a torch logo but had to use demo hammers to take it down as it was crushing frame rates for anyone that came near the lake. The rough estimate is somewhere between 300 and 400 hundred torches used, a combination of regular torches and ethanol torches.

Unfortunately there was a server wipe during filming (we missed some shots and no pickups but we liked how it came out anyway), so we can’t open it up to the public as intended. I’m sure it would have been awesome to watch a pretty good sized group racing along at top speed through all the turns.

After you watch the video below be sure to check in on Jepita’s YouTube page to see some videos of complete laps before and after the completion of the track.

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